Best Tools for Creating Proposals for WordPress [Free Template]

This is Part 3 of our series on writing successful WordPress Proposals.
Alright, so you know what the #1 trick is to writing proposals that win more clients. And you know which WordPress proposal mistakes to avoid so you can capture as much new business as possible. No discussion about creating proposals for WordPress would be complete, however, without the mention of tools. We use tools to improve our workflows everywhere in WordPress. Sometimes we use them to make WordPress a better place for clients. But, most of the time, we do it for our own purposes. This is one of those cases. If you want to speed up the time it takes to create proposals for WordPress and ensure you’re capturing as much business as possible, add these to your toolbox:

Best Tools for Creating Proposals for WordPress

You have two objectives when creating proposals for WordPress:
  1. To have the prospect read it.
  2. To have the prospect approve it.
Just keep in mind the following:
“Success isn’t contingent on how much time you put into the endeavour.”
So, as you work to refine your proposal process, employ a system of tools to help you work smarter… not harder.

Tool #1: Free Proposal Template

The first tool you need is a proposal template, which you can get right here.

Curious about what makes this free proposal template different from others? Watch as I talk to Adam Hempenstall from Better Proposals about how this proposal template helps WP Elevation clients generate a collective $50 million-plus per year.

Astonished that Elevators generate this much revenue? Don’t be.

Tool #2: Proposal Software

The second tool you need is proposal software. I know, I know… Another shiny new object. I assure you, though, this one you will be grateful to have.

Think about it like this: Aside from a few parts that will require customisation, you’re likely to be saying much of the same things each time you write a new proposal.

The beauty of WordPress proposal software is that whether you choose to use one of the pre-made templates available within it or upload your own, you’ll never have to write a custom proposal from scratch ever again.

Let’s review the top options for creating WordPress proposals.

The Keys to Creating Better Proposals

While the tools mentioned above offer a lot of the same features, each one has its own unique strengths.

Better Proposals, for instance, has greatly simplified how much time you’ll to spend actually creating proposals for WordPress clients.

Bidsketch, on the other hand, is more like a business management tool, helping you bring all your processes together so you can work more efficiently.

Proposify is the communication king with its automated follow-up and real-time chat features.

That said, winning more proposals requires more than just using a software that automates most of the work for you. You need to include messaging that really drives your point home and convinces prospects to approve.

Whichever tool you choose to use, just remember to take our free proposal template with you.

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