Why Automating Your Agency’s Sales Strategy and Social Media Is a Game Changer 

Social media marketing has become an essential part of business for almost all companies. Social media platforms provide excellent opportunities for reaching your target audience and building brand trust due to the fact that more and more people are using social media as a primary source of information in everyday life. A well-managed social media marketing campaign can increase traffic, generate leads and ultimately improve sales.

But how can you make sure you are effectively integrating and implementing social media strategies into your business plan?

Introducing GoHighLevel

One such tool to help with this is HighLevel, the first ever all-in-one full suite marketing automation software that gives you the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your agency. 

Let’s first dive into the story behind HighLevel and the Co-Founder/CEO Shaun Clark, who I interviewed on our podcast last week. He gave us insight into HighLevel’s many features that provide the best strategies to generate more leads, keep clients for longer and scale your business by streamlining your entire delivery process so you can focus on keeping clients happy. 

Shaun’s entrepreneurial journey began when he started his first business in high school – building websites and fixing computers. He then dropped out of college to go into business running his first company, which he ran with a co-founder for 12 years before developing his first solo company Prompt Appointment. The software offered a program that reminded people about all meetings and appointments. This idea, after a dinner with friends who expressed a need for assistance in paying invoices (seems simple right? Shaun thought so too!) saw the transformation of the software into a new program called Invoice Sherpa, that assists companies in paying and managing their invoices. As there was a huge need in the accounting and business worlds for this service, the growth of his company skyrocketed. 

The Sale of Invoice Sherpa 

There are two common reasons that entrepreneurs sell their businesses, as defined in Built To Sell by John Warrillow.

One is for health reasons, the other is cold outreach from someone who wants to buy their business – and would you believe it, this is exactly what happened to Shaun early in his career.

After selling Invoice Sherpa, Shaun wanted to diversify and soon jumped back in and started HighLevel with fellow software engineer and co-founder Robin Alex, (currently the CTO). 

Together they began writing software to help small businesses get more customers and created reputation management along with a two way texting platform and sold it to their customers.

Moving forward, the pair anchored their pricing around some of their early competitors, developed a strategy to make the agency owner profitable and realised they were able to do this with a flat pricing model. They were profitable, their agency owners were profitable, they were scaling and investing more revenue. Everyone was winning. 

Now, let’s talk more about the ins and outs of HighLevel and how this software can completely transform your agency. 

Building The Agency Engine 

HighLevel is THE must-have tool for agencies, combining integrated technology and agency-focused licensing, HighLevel is a one-stop shop that unleashes a world of new and profitable service opportunities. The software achieves this through the following:

Capturing New Leads 

Included in the platform is a full featured Page Builder to capture leads by: 

  • Creating full websites, funnels and high-performing landing pages with custom menus
  • Drag & drop surveys and forms giving the ability to capture leads through surveys and forms integrating directly with the page builder to embed into your website. 
  • Online appointment scheduling – securing and requesting appointments is a major step for many businesses. HighLevel has built their own calendar application so you can capture and manage your appointments all in one straight forward flow. 

Nurturing Lead Into Customers 

The backbone of the HighLevel software is what you are able to accomplish after you capture the lead. The platform allows you to:

  • Easily Customize your follow-up campaigns allowing you to automate engaging follow ups and capture engaged responses from your leads.
  • Create multi-channel campaigns by connecting you with your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops SMS/MMS, EMail and Facebook Messenger. 
  • Two-way communication on any device using the full featured mobile app that allows you to communicate with your leads on all your devices.

Typically, software companies start out super niche and offer a solution to one very specific problem. In order for that software to work, it needs to be talking to another piece of software to do your pipeline for example, and a bunch of other plugins are then involved too. 

There’s always a disconnect with the data integrity. 

The wonderful thing about HighLevel is that it is a sales and marketing tool that allows you to run your business entirely on ONE platform. HighLevel allows you to get all of your leads into a sales pipeline, nurture them, get on the phone, text, email, record phone calls, and finally – close those deals and manage them through your pipeline and social media management, all within the one platform.

The other great thing is that it also integrates with your GBM and does a review of reputation management and social media management, allowing you to take those people who are engaging on social media and put them straight into a sales pipeline and turn them into a client. 

“This one integrated piece of software eliminates about 12 pieces of software used within your business”

This means you can then say to your clients ‘hey, we’re generating these leads for you and you’re closing deals let’s scale up’ – spend more money on ads to further elevate community engagement on social media. And, it’s all done in one place. 

Value Proposition on How Social Media Posting Works Within HighLevel 

A lot of agencies actually push customers towards other companies for their social media management needs, as an agency why not have the client pay you for the same software? 

The goal is to make it super easy for yourself as an agency to come in and manage all platforms and social media requirements with the ability to move between different accounts and sub accounts. In HighLevel clients can login and see what posts are scheduled, give approval, see recent posts etc. All of this just simplifies all these processes and at the same time – your life! Did I mention all the while not costing any additional fee?

This is part of the base pricing of every single plan inside HighLevel, there are no limits to the number of posts and accounts you can manage. 

In this day and age it’s no secret that every company needs social media, whether they buy a tool or try to do it themselves every agency should be selling the tool and selling the service.

Meaning that you have two bifurcated revenue streams. If a client decides to leave you on the service and take social media posting in-house you don’t lose that customer because you retain them on the technology. 

Upcoming HighLevel Features 

Posting Library 

In the future, HighLevel is developing a feature where a library of predone posts are created in different verticals. These posts can be automatically pushed down the line to a number of different clients at scale, all with the use of custom variables to semi-customise those posts thereby helping agencies to scale their social media posting service as an offering. 

So for example, if your niche is tradies, you could create a bunch of social posts from the predone examples, tweak them and push them out across all of the social accounts you manage in that niche! 

In reality, people aren’t spending extended periods of time on your social media page, it’s more of an overall check and the main things people look for are: 

  • Does it look good?
  • Are there consistent posts?
  • Are they quality?

Then they move on. So, this feature allows agencies to provide clients with a fresh and updated library of ready to post content that helps them execute a successful social media page. 

Workflow Builder 

Also in development is the integration of a feature that allows Facebook comments to trigger an automatic reply, starting conversations, giving offers and directing people towards services offered by the agency. These processes would usually be dependent on phone calls or emails, the broadening of that scope to include social media comments is an absolute game changer. 

Help Desk for Clients

A help desk feature is on the roadmap for future software developments to assist clients with troubleshooting, technical support and general enquiries. Allowing for more ease in use of the program and reducing time spent on email threads and phone calls. 

Wrap Up

The way you structure and carry out your agency’s digital marketing and sales strategy is pivotal to business success in an increasingly competitive environment. Creating a compelling value proposition, aligning your sales process with the customer journey, capturing leads, generating new clients and developing a cohesive social media messaging framework will sharpen your competitive edge over other agencies.

Social media is not only a powerful marketing tool, but a credibility indicator. A successful social media strategy is used to engage and build relationships with your target audience. 

As an agency, it’s important to think about who your client base are and how they engage with content. In order to successfully execute social media campaigns, you need to consider how your business connects with your customers, and what makes people like or trust your brand. This knowledge is then used to develop a content framework that resonates with them.

HighLevel streamlines your entire business process from lead acquisition to sales fulfillment and social media planning. With multiple integrations you can automatically sync your sales pipeline with the rest of your business and optimize your Facebook advertising, Google advertising and social media campaigns. 

If you want to move faster in solving your digital agency’s problems and developing your digital marketing and sales strategy, or want to learn more about how HighLevel can transform your agency, request a call with us here.

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