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“It's easy to implement the training program itself. It is amazing. The videos are really high quality. The whole course has been put together exceptionally well. I keep saying, the most important thing is this stuff works.”

I recently completed the Agency Mavericks program, that Troy Dean, and his team put together, and I wanted to do a quick testimonial just to talk about my experiences in the program, what I got out of it, and why I think other people that are in the same space that I'm in should do it. I almost missed out on actually enrolling in the program. I was pretty much signed up about 12 hours before it was closing. Here's how it happened…

I had a few of my close friends that are also in the e-commerce and the WordPress space that were also contemplating on signing up at the time. We had a few chats about it, and like, “Hey, this looks pretty good. Troy's got a fantastic reputation. He puts out good stuff, let's go on and do it.” There was a few of us that have gone through and finished the whole program, and totally enjoyed it. We've all taken our WordPress businesses up just another notch from where we were before we started.

What Are Some of the Key Takeaways?

Troy's got some great techniques in there, such as go wide, go deep technique, which is just really helpful. It helps us get better information out of our clients, in meetings, and whatnot. His proposal that is in the training is brilliant. I was sitting in a café one day, and I needed to do a proposal for a client in a hurry, and I thought I'm not happy with the proposal I had, at the time, so I pulled out Troy's proposal, edited whatever needed to be edited. I sent it over to the client for … It was 15 grand proposal. The client came back to me two days later, and said, “This is a brilliant proposal. Here's my deposit, let's go.” Obviously, this stuff works. It's easy to implement. The training program itself, is amazing. The videos are really high quality. The whole course has been put together exceptionally well. I keep saying, the most important thing is this stuff works.

Why Should People Join Agency Mavericks?

You can either spend the next 12 months trying to figure it out yourself, which I was going to do. I'm glad I didn't. Or, you can enroll in the next Agency Mavericks intake, and go through it like I did, like the guys that I know, did. Take your business from a 5 to 6 figure business well up to anything. The sky's the limit. Just to wrap it up, I just want to thank Troy, and Gin, and everybody else, even the community.


Anyone in the WordPress consulting space should give this a go. Go through it. It's only going to benefit a business. Thanks again, Troy. Cheers.

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Troy Dean

I am the Founder of Agency Mavericks. The reason I get out of bed every day is because I love helping people to grow their web design or digital marketing businesses. I do this through coaching, creating courses, speaking, consulting and heading up our awesome community.

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