We’ve Changed Our Name!

WP Elevation's new name and ogo "Agency Mavericks"

The transformation from WP Elevation to Agency Mavericks (And what it means for you).

From July 1st 2021, we are changing our name from WP Elevation to Agency Mavericks.

This is more than just changing words around. (It isn’t a result of a merger or acquisition or a change in ownership—none of that.) Instead, it’s a reflection of the growth that we’ve undergone and the people and agencies we now serve. We’re changing our name to embrace the essence that sets our community and our brand apart — our maverick spirit.

Check out this video or continue reading below to find out why and what it means for you.

Our journey to where we are today

Back in the day, when we started WP Elevation, our business was focused on WordPress. We were passionate about what the technology could do for our clients and how it delivered much-needed solutions. As WordPress grew, we grew with it. It was a fantastic journey to see this software evolve and mature and see this community develop and grow with it.

Today, we’re as passionate about WordPress as we were when we started.

But while we still use WordPress and help our clients build their business and infrastructure around it, we began to realise that we had transformed into more than just a technology company assisting businesses using WordPress. We were now a community of like-minded digital marketing entrepreneurs looking to elevate to the next level.

We are mums and dads building businesses from their living rooms. We are web designers and developers manifesting their visions from every corner of the world. We are digital marketing experts who willingly walked away from comfortable 9-5s to work twice as hard to build their dreams.

We are precisely who you are — out of the box thinkers who choose to strike a new path instead of doing what everyone else expects them to do.

And so, it made sense for us to break out of the mould and embrace the free-spirit go-getter gene that is so profoundly woven in each member of the community.

And thus, Agency Mavericks was born.

What does it mean to be a community of Mavericks?

Being a digital creative can be a challenging and lonely journey at times. But it doesn't have to be.

In the years since starting WP Elevation, we’ve transformed into a community of unorthodox thinkers, free spirits, and trendsetters who aren’t afraid to push the envelope in pursuing their dreams. We have a term for these individuals in Australia — larrikins, but you might be familiar with its more global synonym — Mavericks.

What happens when you bring together mavericks into one community? Anything and everything! The sky's the limit for this collective of individualists.

Richard Branson is famously quoted saying, “Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.” And that’s what we are doing within the Agency Mavericks community.

We bring together like-minded individuals who keep one another accountable while inspiring each other to push the limits and see what else is possible. Members share their experiences and learn from each other while undergoing training and coaching to scale their business.

From our ever-expanding Facebook Group, Digital Mavericks, to our world-class courses and coaching programs that aim to teach digital marketing freelancers and agency owners to take their business to the next level — Agency Mavericks is an immensely supportive and knowledgeable tribe created to bring out the best in you.

What does this name change mean for you?

Changing our name to Agency Mavericks has been a long time coming, a culmination of WP Elevation’s evolution from a business immersed in technology to one focused on developing a community of doers and risk-takers. Our journey has brought us here.

And so, while we’ll change our name on our website, our social media platforms and even our logo, the community of mavericks that have supported and guided you will not. Instead, our name change will simply allow us to empower you, even more, to operate from a state of abundance and fly higher.

We’ve got so much more in store for you! Discover the ways we can help level up – book in a Clarity Call with one of our team members here. 

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Troy Dean

I am the Founder of Agency Mavericks. The reason I get out of bed every day is because I love helping people to grow their web design or digital marketing businesses. I do this through coaching, creating courses, speaking, consulting and heading up our awesome community.

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