Content Marketing World Sydney

Part 1

In this special episode, we explore Content Marketing World Sydney and experience interviews with several different guests from this convention.

All of our guests today are experts in the field of content marketing, and all answered riveting questions such as, “What is content marketing to you?” and “If you could wave a magic wand and fix one thing about content marketing for businesses, what would it be?”

Let’s jump right in and see what they had to say!

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No Prizes this week with our Special Broadcast from the Content Marketing Convention

Show Notes

Grant Butler
Grant is a writer for several huge IT clients and also works at Editor Group, Australia’s leading corporate writing firm, and is the author of the book Think Write Grow. Several of his biggest frustrations with content marketing are getting things finished and out the door. He also believes that the things to do when starting out in this field are finding two or three topics that really matter, collecting information on those, and starting a blog. Finally, he stresses how important it is to always have a plan.

James Lush
James is the CEO of Lush Digital Media and believes content marketing is journalistic-based and that video is core. He defines content marketing as creating something engaging which is of value to the audience you are trying to reach. His advice to those just starting out is to look at more subtle and clever ways of communicating with the audience. His biggest frustration is a clients’ unwillingness to change and try a new approach.

Marketo is an engagement marketing platform which focuses on sharing relevant content to engage audiences and build trust with prospects. Representative Shelly from Marketo thinks it’s important that companies educate buyers first and understand what you do. Companies can feel overwhelmed, but it’s okay to start small and share content once a week and understand your prospect’s interests. See what information works for which people and if you can actually measure the results using a platform, you can gain the edge.

Timbo Reid
Timbo is the host of podcast Small Business, Big Marketing and focuses on importance of podcasts, and how it can affect your business and the relationships you can gain. Helpful content marketing means business owners stand on a mountain of knowledge, and share it openly and freely which pulls people towards you. It’s important to go out and talk to your prospects, and listen to what they really need, not what they want. He would like to be more prolific with his marketing.

Lucy Helliwell 
Lucy is an account manager from Lush Digital and actually interviewed Troy on some highlights from CMW Sydney! Troy said being there was an amazing experience and the venue was great. Robert Rose’s presentation stuck out-learning about creating remarkable experiences. He found it’s easy to publish content, but hard to publish amazing content, and he’s looking forward to interviewing more people for WPE.

Arnie Kuenn
Arnie is a published author and expert on content marketing and was Interactive Person of the Year in 2014. He strives to evangelize content marketing, teaching and instruction. He speaks on the importance of producing stuff that consumers and prospects will find on their own time, and to pay attention to content marketing because it’s the future. He advises to get to 6th or 7th month of producing content, to update constantly and be relevant, and to get a content or editorial calendar to plan 90 days out.

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Lucy Helliwell is @LJHelliwell
Arnie Kuenn is @ArnieK

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