Content Marketing World Sydney

Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our special series in which we explore Content Marketing World Sydney and chat up several different guests from the convention.

All of our guests today are content marketing experts in their own right, and all answered a series of questions during our interviews with them. These questions are designed to help you understand how to create better content, and position that content for greater connection and ultimately greater results with your audience.

So without further ado, let’s hear what they had to say!

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No prize this week due to our special broadcast from Content Marketing World Sydeny

Show Notes

Gareth Hollyman
Gareth is head of content marketing at Direction Group, and is using info which is helpful and useful to help customers make better decisions. He advises to think about the things you do best and to use that to amplify to your existing customers. His biggest challenge is the notion of return investment, and the pressure to make best use of the resources.

Andrew Davis
Andrew is multi-talented, as an author, as a friend to the Muppets, and as a speaker. He travels the world talking about how to rethink the online universe and how to see better results. He says to provide any content that inspires people to act, and to decide who you want to buy your stuff. As he says, “Get rich, target a niche.”

Joe Pulizzi
As the self-proclaimed godfather of content marketing, Joe defines content marketing as the idea that I’m looking to build a valuable audience to create some kind of behavior change He advises to identify a content niche area, look at and ask if you could be the leading provider, then look at how to impact the business. Finally, he says to own that space, don’t add to the noise.

Jordana Borensztajn
Jordana is multi-talented, as a humorist, creative consultant and performing artist. She asks that you capture her attention, and advises different ways to stand out by making content more creative. Start with a strategy, and then ask what is your knowledge you can impart to others.

Jeff Bullas
With a focus in social media marketing, Jeff’s advice is that you need to understand what the audiences paying points are, and don’t create content about their products, but write about how to solve people’s problems. He stresses the need to touch not just minds but hearts as well.

Jonathan Crossfield 
Jonathan is a storyteller, and focuses on the point that people want to improve their business, but don’t care about hosting. He also says you need to earn the business’ and audience’s trust and talk about the same things they care about.

Amanda Gome
As a powerhouse in marketing, Amanda seeks to create quality content that seeks to engage customers or communities and says marketing is extremely similar to journalism, just more specific. She challenged with these questions: How are you going to distribute your content? How will you build your social media channels? What’s next after that?

Lauren Quaintance
Lauren says to consider that the marketing landscape has shifted, and there’s no choice but to consider content marketing. Put your audience at the center, not your brand at the center of your standpoint. She also advises to have measurable goals, and have marketers be able to articulate a clear goal or goals.

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You can reach out and thank our guests on their Twitter accounts listed below!

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Andrew Davis on Twitter @TPLDrew
Joe Pulizzi on Twitter @JoePulizzi
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Jeff Bullas on Twitter @JeffBullas
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Lauren Quaintance on Twitter @lquaint

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