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In this very special episode of the WP Elevation podcast, I sat down in the flesh with my good friend David Jenyns founder of systemHUB and talked about the fact that he’s written a bloody book! This is no e-book kids, it’s a real, paperback book with thud factor. We also hugged on the couch to prove that we’re actually doing this interview in real life.

We discuss the process of writing a book, the marketing strategy for a book, how to become an Amazon bestseller, and of course, we touch on the subject matter of the book too – how to produce “Authority Content” – and how to do it fast.

Plus, find out how you can get the kindle version of the book absolutely free!!!

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Show Notes

A few things blew me away during this interview.

  • Dave had thought through the marketing of the book before he wrote it
  • Speaking your words ensures that the book is literally written in your “voice”
  • A¬†book is the ultimate marketing tool and does your selling for you
  • Dave gives good hugs.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank David Jenyns at Authority Content.

Competition Hint

There’s no actual competition for this episode, but if you managed to get a free copy of the kindle version during the launch week, email Dave and he’ll give you over $997 worth of bonuses for free!

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