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In Episode #14 I hung out with my good friend Cory Miller from iThemes. We had a lot of technical issues getting started and eventually hooked up on FaceTime and used Screenflow to record it. Cory is big on people and building a great culture to allow people to flourish. He treats his team as his family and the company he has built is testament to the fact that the people he surrounds himself with admire him and are all on the same page.

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Win Prizes

Cory very kindly donated a copy of the Builder Theme developer package valued at $150 as a prize for this episode - watch the interview for details on how to enter.

Show Notes

Cory mentioned he first started publishing thoughts and content on his own website way back in 1998 and I found a snapshot on the wayback machine from Oct 1999 – I know Cory won’t mind.

Here’s the blogger account he setup in 2004 courtesy of the wayback machine again. It looks like Cory discovered WordPress around February 2007 and started posting themes up in 2007 too. His own website started looking very nice around the middle of 2007 and it looks like iThemes started to take hold around early 2007.

I applaud Cory for having the courage to talk about how he and his wife Lindsey frequently see a counsellor to help them navigate their way through life. They are both advocates for mental health and this is something I think should be talked about more openly.

Cory also tells the great story of how BackupBuddy came about. These guys lost their server (with lots of client sites) twice without backups! So they built an all in one backup solution for WordPress. There’s also some great nuggets about the future of WordPress business models, freemium, support, services vs products and an honest discourse of building the biggest thing they’ve ever done and giving it away for free (the eCommerce plugin Exchange).

There’s boatloads of great advice for WordPress consultants and freelancers in this interview – don’t miss a word!

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Cory on his Twitter at @corymiller303 and by his email [email protected].

Suggested Guest

Cory suggested I interview Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the author if WordPress for Dummies. Lisa, I’m coming to get you.

Competition Hint

Hint: to enter the competition, tell us the one feature you’d like to see in Exchange, the iThemes eCommerce plugin.

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