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In Episode #16 of the WP Elevation podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Jake Goldman from 10UP – possibly the largest WordPress consultancy on the planet.

Their clients include TechCrunch and 9to5Mac. Ever seen images load in a”lazy” fashion as you scroll down a webpage? That’s one of Jake’s plugins.

Ever wanted to drag and drop pages into order in the WordPress dashboard? That’s one of Jake’s plugins. What this man doesn’t know about WordPress and client consulting is not worth knowing and his answers in the Elevate round prove it.

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Show Notes

Jake talks about his first foray into making a WordPress based product – SEO Slides – which is essentially SlideShare but for your own website so you own the traffic and capture your own leads. He also mentions having a pipeline of people (skilled talent) which allows him to say “Yes” to projects, which found fascinating and I’m sure you will too.

I must admit we went right off script in this interview because it was obvious that Jake just loves talking about WordPress and his business philosophies so I just kinda went with it. I hope you find some gold nuggets hidden in our conversation.

I particularly love it when Jake mentions that the WordPress product gravy train does not exist and that building a business around a WordPress product is hard work. Sound advice grounded in reality.

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You can reach out and thank Jake on Twitter and on his website.

Suggested Guest

Jake suggested I interview Brian and Jennifer Bourn from Bourn Creative. Guys, I’m coming to get you.

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