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In Episode #17 of the WP Elevation podcast I had a blast talking with Noel Tock and Tom Willmot from Human Made. These guys count ClickbankPayPal and Skype as their clients and have contributed several plugins to the WordPress community. They are the company behind Happy Tables, a WordPress based Software as a Service solution helping restaurant owners build a website and they recently launched WP Remote which allows you manage multiple WordPress websites from one easy dashboard. These guys are one of the select few who have accepted into the WordPress VIP Partner Program run by Automattic and are at the top of their game. Miss this interview at your own peril.

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Win Prizes

The boys are very kindly sponsoring 3 prizes x 6 months of the WP Remote Pro 5 Plan valued at $24 per month - so watch the interview to learn how you can enter.

Show Notes

Some highlights of the show include Noel’s elevator pitch “I do web shit”, Tom drinking from his Pressnomics mug (thanks Sally), how they build their internal culture with a distributed workforce (tip: constant communication), the “buddy” system of code reviews, the on-boarding process of KissMetrics and why taking decisions away from customers is important and how they use for managing customer relationships.

I particularly love Tom’s answer to one of the questions in the Elevation round: How do you stop competing on price? “Charge far more than anyone else!”

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank the boys on Twitter at Noel Tock and Tom Willmot.

Suggested Guest

The boys suggested I interview Mike Little, co-founding developer of WordPress (yes he’s one of the guys who started this whole thing with Matt Mullenweg). Mike, I’m coming to get you.

Competition Hint

Hint: to enter the competition, tell us the #1 feature you’d like to see in a future version of WP Remote.

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