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In episode #22 of the WP Elevation podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Little, one of the founding developers of WordPress. It’s a true story that the entire WordPress project began with a comment that Mike left on Matt Mullenweg’s blog. This man started out programming monochrome computers to type his own name across the screen and ended up co-developing a piece of software that now powers 20% of the Internet. If you want to learn how belonging to a community can have a massive impact then don’t miss this interview.

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I'm giving away a copy of Scott Berkun's book "A Year Without Pants" which chronicles his experience of working at Automattic for a year. To enter, leave a comment under the video and tell Mike the number one thing you would like to learn about WordPress in a video course.

Show Notes

The highlights of this episode include:

  • how Mike landed the UK Prime Minister’s website project
  • how one comment on one blog post spawned the entire WordPress project
  • how a competitor’s change to their business model was one of the turning points for WordPress
  • Mike explaining the Bazaar and the Cathedral models to open source software development
  • Mike’s passion for teaching and how that’s helped him find clients
  • how the openness of the WordPress community helps businesses to help each other
  • Mike’s move towards more personal branding, and
  • my new yellow wall background 🙂

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You can reach out and thank Mike on Twitter.

Suggested Guest

Mike suggested I interview Simon Dickson from Code for the People. Simon, keep your eyes on your inbox.

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Hint: to enter the competition, leave a comment below and tell Mike the #1 thing you’d like to learn about WordPress in an online video course.

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