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In Episode #4 of the WP Elevation podcast, I talk to Shane Pearlman from Modern Tribe, a collective of WordPress freelancers working with some of the biggest brands on the planet and the makers of the awesome Events Calendar Pro plugin, among others. Oh yeah, and we’re giving away a copy of the Events Calendar Pro plugin, so watch the interview for how to enter (and you’ll learn heaps of cool stuff from Shane about freelancing).

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Watch the interview for details on how to enter the competition to win a copy of Events Calendar Plugin.

Congratulations Holli! Shane has chosen you as the lucky winner of the competition! Thanks for your contribution and keep elevating! (October 2013).

Show Notes

The internet connection is much better in this interview and I’m standing up and my new sit/stand electric desk (I can’t recommend this thing highly enough – it’s a game changer).

Anyhoo – Shane talks about the six keys to happiness and balance – family, friends, fun, finance, fitness and faith. He also explains how the state of the business determines whether or not he sells or surfs. We talk about the idea of Triage and how it helps him decide what to do next.

During the interview Shane mentions this blog post about deciding to take a project on or not. He also references this presentation about how to get big brands on your portfolio.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Shane on his website

Suggested Guest

Shane suggested I interview Chris Lema and Jake Goldman from 10up. Chris and Jake, look out boys, I’m coming to get ya’.

Competition Hint

Hint: to enter the competition, leave a comment below and and suggest the one feature you want to see in a future version of the Events Calendar Pro plugin for your chance to win a copy of the plugin.

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