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Pippin Williamson is the man behind the fantastic plugins Restrict Content Pro, Easy Digital Downloads and Affiliate WP as well as teaching others in his plugin development courses at pippinsplugins.com and co-hosting the Apply Filters podcast with Brad Touesnard – and he’s only 25!

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Win Prizes

Win a copy of an unlimited license of Restrict Content Pro valued at $155 or AffiliateWP valued at $199. All you need to do is tell us the #1 thing you have done to increase conversions on a site. It doesn't have to be e-commerce; it could be sign-up form. Leave us a link to check it out.

Congratulations Kim Snider. Pippin has awarded you this weeks podcast prize! September 2014.

Show Notes

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Did you know that Pippin has a degree in linguistics?
  • How Pippin began learning PHP and developing Plugins. He tells us his secret to learning a new skill.
  • Why Pippin still likes being involved in customer support and why customer support is such an important factor in his business success.
  • How and why he writes new products when his schedule is already crazy-full.
  • How Easy Digital Downloads came about – the idea, the model and the marketing.
  • The story behind those cute little monsters!

Elevation Round Answers

Here are Pippin‘s answers to the questions in our Elevation round. Watch the interview to get the full scoop.

  1. Do something you love
  2. Do good work
  3. I don’t
  4. Breakdown what’s included
  5. Ronin App
  6. Talk to them!
  7. Do good work and be nice
  8. Ignore everyone else and build something you love

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Pippin on @pippinsplugins  

Suggested Guest

Pippin suggested I interview Jonathan Christopher from SearchWP. Jonathan Christopher keep your eyes on your inbox.

Competition Hint

Hint: to enter the competition, leave a comment below and tell us the number 1 thing you have done to increase conversions on a site.

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