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This week web design guru Andy Clarke casually stops by the podcast to offer his insights on the early days of coding, his advice on working with clients who are not exactly advertising experts, and his adoration of Planet of the Apes! Also tune in to find out who Andy would have as dinner party guests and his favorite part of being in sunny Australia in this week’s edition of WordPress Elevate.

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Andy Clarke works as a website designer while also writing books and giving talks at various conferences. He functions as part of a three-man web design and consultation operation based in the UK called Stuff and Nonsense.

When you see the web site banner for Stuff and Nonsense, the first thing you notice is the ape. It’s one of Andy’s favorite animals! Clearly his loves for apes has spilled over into his work and it’s something unique about him you may not have known before.

Something else you may not know about Andy is that In 2013 he wanted to share his knowledge of his industry so he started his own podcast titled Unfinished Business. It has now evolved into a three-person, biweekly discussion about a large variety of topics and continues to pull in new listeners every week. If you’re looking for an entertaining, lively and informative discussion you should check it out!

Turn up those speakers and plug in those headphones as we get to explore the mind of a man gone ape in this week’s WordPress Elevate!

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You can reach out and thank Andy on Twitter at @malarkey and follow @stuff_nonsense and his company website Stuff & Nonsense

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No competition this week. Saty tuned for next week’s comp.

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