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Our guest for today’s show is Shane Melaugh. Shane is the creator of Thrive Themes and he has a background in info products and software including SECockpit, a search engine keyword tool.

Today, Shane shares his insights on why so much of success is about the grind, why authenticity is vital to communicating effectively with your audience and why business isn’t about money for him so much as it’s about creating something of value.

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Show Notes

Today Shane Melaugh is at the helm of the very successful and popular plug-in Thrive Themes. However Shane’s path to information products and software was a windy one. As a child Shane didn’t daydream about being an entrepreneur; he wanted to be many things, including a pilot. He even went so far as to take the beginning steps to fly jets for the military.

When he realized that path wasn’t going to work out he tried a number of different options, none of them in the online marketing world. In fact he thought building an online business was far too complicated, until he worked in computer sales. In that industry he became more familiar with software and online marketing, soon realizing it wasn’t that difficult to build a business online.

His first foray into the online business world was affiliate sites. He was building his own and making a decent amount of money at it before he transitioned into creating his own information products. That niche proved very lucrative for him.

From there he created SECockpit taking it from zero to seven figures in revenue in 15 months! He also created Viral Quiz Builder and a few other products, all leading up to his present-day Thrive Themes business.

Everything he and his team of 19 do with Thrive Themes is focused on helping you grow your business, be more effective in your business and make more money. They are committed to creating conversion-focused plug-ins and themes that make your business more powerful and provide better lead-conversion solutions.

On this episode Shane talks at length about the trials and tribulations he experienced throughout his career, and how necessary it is to grind, grind, grind until your business grows and things become easier. Nothing is easy at the beginning, especially if you aren’t very good at what you’re doing, but it will get easier if you stick it out according to Shane.

We also explore what he does on a daily basis, why he doesn’t believe in pitching his audience or presenting himself as their “guru” and what the road to software development was really like for him (here’s a hint: it was anything but easy!).

It’s the real, honest-to-goodness truth from Shane on this show, you’ll want to hear it straight from his mouth so tune in and check it out. We’ll see you next time on the WP Elevation Podcast!

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You can reach out and thank Shane at his web site or via his personal Twitter account or Thrive Themes’ Twitter account.

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