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When your WordPress business is brand new, it’s easy for you and your team to be on the same page. However, when scaling your business as the team grows, more things demand your attention and time. As a consequence, managing your company and team can become chaotic. Unfortunately, this is often when and how good business practices fall by the wayside.

In this episode, Troy talks with Eugene Terk, the Vice President of Business Development & General Counsel of Align Today, about how this SaaS helps business owners successfully scale their business without losing sight of their core vision.

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Show Notes

An Introduction to Align Today

Eugene starts by telling us a bit about Align Today which is a cloud-based solution developed by a New Orleans-based entrepreneur and his business coach.

The founders attempted to implement Rockefeller Habits for the purposes of scaling business, however, they struggled with the limitations posed by tools like Microsoft Word and Excel. As a result, they took the Rockefeller Habits and developed a SaaS solution that would put them into the hands of business owners, coaches, and CEOs all around the world.

Align Today’s main purpose is to get business teams aligned towards the same company vision and goals.

Changing Your Mindset

Eugene explains that scaling business often causes entrepreneurs to arrive at a point where they need to calm the chaos. Troy tells us that he too arrived at this point and that’s where Scaling Up, the Rock Habits, and Align Today entered the picture and that Scaling Up is something that fundamentally changed his approach to running WP Elevation

In short, the Rock Habits are a way of teaching business owners to shift their mindset.

Why would they want or even need to do this? Because the way you run a new company with three or four employees is much different than running one with dozens of employees across the world.

Ultimately, what the Rock Habits and Align Today will teach you to do is build a lasting company and to stop worrying about what the next product looks like. Put your focus on your business instead of the various elements that go into the business. Eugene says “If you build a great company that fosters and nurtures that, the clients will come.”

Unclear Leader = Unfair Leader

One of the common problems that Align Today aims to solve is the matter of transparency and accountability within scaling businesses.

In an anecdote that Eugene shares in the podcast,  he talks of how a business owner was confused when asked if his entry-level employees knew what the revenue goal for the quarter was. After all, why would an entry-level employee have any need for that information?

Well, if you’re paying employees to support your business’s core vision, how do you expect them to help you achieve company goals if they’re blind to where you’re heading? This is valuable information that everyone should have and Align Today enables businesses to provide this level of transparency while also giving employees the chance to actively participate.

Scaling Business with Align Today

The last thing your team might want to hear is that you’ve added a new software to their workflow. But Align Today isn’t like other project management software applications.

All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes in the morning, and a few more minutes at the end of the day, to get in and out of the platform. As such, you can improve transparency in your company, increase accountability within your team, and decrease the time spent in meetings.

With Align Today, you can:

  • Build strategic plans that can be shared, viewed, and edited company-wide.
  • Set goals with customisable key performance indicators (KPIs) and track progress.
  • Establish strategic priorities.
  • Enforce a daily practice of a team “huddle” to keep everyone on the same page.

When business is growing and management of your team becomes more chaotic, Align Today can put everyone on track, create accountability within your growing organisation, and push you closer and closer towards your goals.

Wrap Up

Are you having any struggles as your team grows? Let us know in the comments and we will get back to you!

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