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If you’ve been considering creating online quizzes to generate leads but put it in the ‘too hard basket’, then listen in to this value-packed podcast! Troy talks to Josh Haynam, who is the co-founder of Interact, an online quiz software company. They talk about how online quizzes are the ultimate interactive tool that you can use to increase your conversion rate. They also talk about not only the software behind it but more importantly- the psychology.

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Show Notes

Quizzes generate leads and drive sales if you do it right. So listen in and find out the secrets behind a good quiz.

How Did Interact Start?

Josh says that it happened “accidentally on purpose”. He never set out to be a quiz expert but he did want to create something.

When he was in between a couple of companies that he had started, he met up with the co-founder of Interact and neither of them were working on anything at that moment so they started a web agency.

They built websites and did the marketing for clients and the conversion rate was on average 1% which is not bad (1/100 people). However, one client asked them to create a quiz “What’s your sales personality?”. They built the quiz and put it on the client’s landing page which ended up with a conversion rate of 75%. They knew that they couldn’t ignore that.

So, over the last 5 years, they have turned this into a platform where anyone can create a quiz (even by replicating the template of “What’s Your Sales Personality?”) and put it on your website in about 15 minutes.

Troy makes a good point at the 9-minute mark – websites are meant to be interactive. How do you make a sale? You have a conversation with someone. And that’s what quizzes do.

What’s the First Thing to Do Before Planning Your Quiz?

  • Ask yourself: Who is your audience? Who are the people that I sell to?
  • Then you want to figure out what are the subcategories of those people. Choose anywhere between 3 and 7 subcategories depending on the industry.
  • From there you are able to create a solid quiz.

What Is the Purpose of the Quiz?

Lead generation! When you replace a standard opt-in lead magnet with a quiz, Josh has seen that opt-ins double on average across all clients. This is incredible stuff!

How Does a Good Quiz Work?

Troy and Josh come up with a scenario for WP web developers who need more leads.

Let’s break it down:


WordPress Web Developers trying to attract business owners for Care Plans

Target Audience:

Business owners

Sub categories (types of business owners):

The Social Media Guru, the Old School, the Entrepreneur Business Owner

Title of the Quiz:

What type of business owner are you?

Tip: 70% of people that use Interact use this template because it works. The reason? People love to find out about themselves.

The Questions:

We need questions that will lead people down the path to one of these three subcategories.

The first questions you could ask: What is your preferred method of networking?

  • If they say in person = The Old School
  • Social Media = The Social Media Guru
  • Conferences = The Entrepreneur

Then create 7 other questions for the quiz. The questions should be text and the answer should be represented with an image. The reason for this is that many people do the quiz on their phones and reading through too much text will put them off. They will also be able to finish the quiz twice as fast (2 minutes is the sweet spot for a quiz).

Gold Nugget

  • Imagine you are asking the questions to a single individual. People don’t like generic quizzes.
  • Write them as if you were a tipsy college student. This is not a brochure, this is you asking questions to an induvial one at a time. Be authentic.
  • The best questions that Josh has seen are a little quirky and they understand the people that they are trying to reach.


You want to write short descriptions and keep them positive. (No one shares anything negative about themselves.)

Cover photo:

Should be a photo of one person (probably a business owner in this example) because our eyes are drawn to faces but multiple faces are too much.

Call to Action:

Each one of the results then has a CTA button. This is when you link to the next step in your sales funnel.

Opt-in Form:

Enter your email to find out what your personality type is.  Then you send specific resources to them based on their outcome. You need to tell them that you are sending them personalised stuff though.


Make sure they are clear and not cryptic. You may need to make an icon.

Follow Up Sequence:

You still need to nurture the people that opt-in to turn them into a customer.

There are two ways to follow up:

1. Build a sequence of four follow up emails to send out automated. Each is different depending on the outcome of the quiz, but the flow is the same:

  • The first email should be an extended version of the results.
  • The second email should be about the other business owner personalities.
  • The third email should be relevant tips for their type Eg. “Top 3 tips for the Old School Business Owner Working Online”.
  • The final email is “How we can help” and make it specific to their sub-category. Then you can add them to another drip sequence.

2. Use it as a conversation starter and push people into consultations. Talking about quiz results is an amazing way to start out the conversation.

Listen in at the 29-minute mark where Josh goes into more detail on what to write in the follow-up emails.

What a value bomb (as Troy says)! Thanks, Josh!

We recommend that you also tune in at the 34.30-minute mark where you find out about Interact’s amazing features. It will truly make your life a lot easier!

Have you had any success with using quizzes or have you tried Interact? We would love to hear any feedback or tips!


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