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grow your business Youtube

with Sunny Lenarduzzi

Leveraging Business Using YouTube

If you are tired of paying for advertising, then listen in and learn how you can grow your business with YouTube. It’s not as difficult as you think. 

In this podcast, Mike chats to the awesome Sunny Lenarduzzi who teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage YouTube to grow their business and brand. We learn how she grew to 111,000 subscribers on Youtube and 11,000 on Facebook in two years, and how you too can use YouTube to grow your business.

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Show Notes

How Sunny Grew Her Business… Fast!

Sunny Lenarduzzi started as a social media consultant and ran a consultancy for four years purely from word of mouth referrals. However, she got to the point where she was burnt out with too many clients and working solo.

She explains that this YouTube thing all started by accident!  Her clients kept asking her the same questions and she was constantly on phone calls and in meetings which were a waste of her time. So she decided to do a YouTube tutorial about live streaming for your business and how to use Periscope which had just come out.

Sunny sent it to her clients, not thinking much of it, but by the next day, she had 1,000 views. (Which has now grown to 80,000 views.) This is when she realised the power of Search on YouTube and making videos that people are looking for. And that’s how she built her channel up so fast within only two years.

The beauty of YouTube is that it is free marketing. You aren’t paying to get views and she gets leads every single day. So why isn’t everyone using it?

Why Should People Be Using YouTube for Their Business?

  1. You can teach your customers. This is the main reason to use it. It is an educational platform to give  “How To” tutorials and to do them in a way that is unique to you.
  2. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (Google is the first)
  3. Creating content that your customers are looking for is how you grow and gain momentum really fast and you build your lead generation machine… literally while you sleep!
  4. It’s free! People are happy to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have an advert placed at certain times of the day! This is out there 24 hours a day at no cost. She does pay for advertising now that she has traction though, so combined with her YouTube tutorials, that works great for her. However, you need to have a little bit of money in the bank before you invest in advertising.

What Is the First Step to Making a Video?

Listen to your customers. If you don’t have customers yet, go to your competitors and see what comments they are getting and what is being asked. Check for FAQ pages because if one person is asking it, there are thousands more that are asking too.

Why Would I Give Away This Information for Free?

People often ask Sunny why they would post information on how to do something when they want to get paid to do it for them instead. y says that people are inherently lazy and when videos get too technical and “make your head want to explode” that’s when you go to the expert and ask for help – which is now you!

Sunny says that she puts so much information out on her YouTube channel for free because the more value she puts out in her videos, the higher she ranks, the more comments she gets, Google then favours the content, the more people see it through Search, the more people say “She is the expert, I want her to teach me and I’m going to buy her stuff”!

If you’re worried that you have missed the boat on using YouTube for your business, it isn’t too late. Sunny says that all you need to do is out-value your competitors on there!

What If You Don’t Have the Best Equipment?

Sunny started out with an $80 webcam (the C920), a LAV microphone and instead of using a tripod she used a stack of books and sat in front of the window. She did that for the first year when she got her first 50,000 subscribers on YouTube! The production quality doesn’t need to be high, what does need to be good is the content.

Gold Nugget Tip:

Take your ego out of the equation, don’t worry about what you look like and just start with what you have.

“There is something to be said for authenticity and using what you have.”

If you have a phone then you can start making videos – no excuses!

Listen in at the 15-mark where Sunny tells us about making her first viral video in her pyjamas!

As a recovering perfectionist, Sunny has learned that “done is better than perfect”. Just get your content out there and make sure it works before you start tweaking or changing things. If you compare the quality of production from when she started to now, it has improved so much, but that has taken a lot of time and she was able to do that because YouTube grew her resources to be able to. Just be truthful about where you’re at.

Tune in at the 20-minute mark, where Sunny offers tips on how to get over the fear of being on camera.

Bonus Tip: Get to the Point!

Long intros and explaining why people should watch the video are two of the biggest killers for attention. The longer that people watch your video, the higher you will rank.

Posting Strategy

Sunny does 1 video a week. It is too hard to run a business and do more than that. Each video takes a lot of work even in the uploading to get it optimised. Quality over quantity but keep it consistent.

People make the mistake of making content and then just moving on to making the next pieces of content. You need to take the time to get it out there. Promote and optimise it.

Even if you have a small following on IG, share your video, because that is how it is going to grow. The work is not done when you hit publish.

There is so much more gold in here so make sure you listen in!

How have you been able to grow your business on YouTube? Let us know below!

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