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in-person networking

with Bob Dunn


Does in-person networking make you nervous?

On today’s podcast, Bob Dunn from BobWP shares his tips for being authentic and putting yourself out there without pressure. Learn how to diminish jitters by making the best of this tried and true tactics for meeting new people and building truly beneficial relationships. Bob is a staple of the WordPress community and also talks about blogging, e-commerce, social media and his three podcasts.

Tune in for this and more on this week’s WP Elevation Podcast!

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Show Notes

Bob has been in the WordPress industry since 2007, but he started freelance graphic design in the late 80s. He and his wife ran a graphic design business for over 20 years, focussing mainly on print work. Bob didn’t start working on the web until the mid-90s, but he wasn’t a fan of HTML sites. He discovered WordPress in 2007, and that began his current career trajectory.

In 2010, he was involved in coaching and training but now focuses on podcasting, blogging and monetization through those mediums. He enjoys the creative side of podcasting and content creation, and now runs three podcasts and publishes content everyday. Needless to say, he’s a busy guy!

At the 7 minute mark, you won’t want to miss how Bob feels about multitasking! He also shares how he uses a schedule to juggle content creation and marketing.

Bob has spent the last several years focused on WordPress for beginners, but the podcast focuses on more advanced topics like eCommerce. He is enjoying building a new audience centred around eCommerce. The advantage of having multiple podcasts is being able to relate to a broad customer base. It’s also a nice venue for transitioning to a more lucrative audience than just beginners.

In-Person Networking and Meeting People to Build Relationships:

1. Be yourself and don’t have an agenda
2. Test different events to see if the attendees are the right fit for your business 3. Look for people who are alone and introduce yourself
4. Introduce people you meet to someone else – share the love!

Being a little bit old school, thinking of networking reminds Bob of the old days when people would go to the Chamber of Commerce to network. A lot has changed, yet many things still stay the same. Online technology has opened up more opportunities, but in-person networking is still popular at conferences, meetups, and more. Sure, there is less social anxiety with online social media, but meeting in person builds strong relationships.

In-person networking can have the added challenges of being nervous, needing a master plan, and having to come up with an elevator speech. The elevator pitch can sometimes come off as insincere, and Bob knew there had to be a better way. What worked best for him was going to events with no expectations. This can eliminate some of the nerves and help relationship building to be more natural.

Building strong business relationships can benefit all of us in this industry. Challenges in the WordPress community include isolation or hanging out with the same people at events (and just partying with them instead of meeting new people who could potentially improve your network). Meeting new people is the key to networking success. Even with online opportunities, meeting people face-to-face creates a different type of connection and future benefits. You’ve heard the tips here…now give it a go!

You’ve heard the tips here…now give it a go!


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