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Jack Arturo is a WordPress developer with 10+ years experience building websites. But a few years ago his clients began asking him for a plugin to streamline the connection between WP and CRMs like InfusionSoft. So he did, and it was a hit! Today he spends his days creating automation to make people’s lives easier.

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Jack Arturo’s journey began like many people’s: he was a WordPress developer who learned the ropes while working for a big company. After a spell, he went out on his own as a freelancer. But being the savvy entrepreneur he is, when multiple clients began asking him for a similar product plugin, he listened.

With the help of one client in particular, Jack took an idea for a plugin and ran with it. He created WP Fusion, a product that would automatically add people’s signup information from WordPress websites into InfusionSoft. From there he expanded it to include other CRMs like Ontraport, Convert Kit and also for membership site programs like Woo Commerce, Ultimate Member, etc.

On this episode, Jack explains why and when WP Fusion is important for businesses. Because WP Fusion essentially connects a WordPress website to a CRM it is not necessary in every stage of a business. But as the business grows it becomes important.

The bigger a business becomes the more you will email your list and grow your list, and in turn, you’ll want to know more specifics about the activities of your list and customer base. For example, you may want to send a specific upgrade or a specific offer to someone who has bought from you, and only to them but not to people who haven’t purchased from you yet. WP Fusion makes this possible.

This is important because the more information you have about your customers and prospects, the better you are able to target them directly. InfusionSoft and other CRMs are awesome tools but they aren’t deeply integrated with your website. Your website is where your customers engage with you, so there’s a missing piece without WP Fusion.

The plugin works to make that engagement and the tracking of that engagement as seamless as possible. The more you grow, the more necessary this becomes for your continued growth. By showing the right person the right message at the right time that will help them the most, they appreciate you. Everyone is happier if you can show your customer what they need when they want to see it.

Another fascinating topic we cover is cart abandonment and how WP Fusion helps in this situation. Because there are plenty of cart abandonment options out there, Jack decided they should offer it as an add-on instead. If you’re already using something like Woo Commerce and you install the WP Fusion add-on, Jack explains how it helps with cart abandonment.

As someone types in their name and email, once they leave that email field they are added to InfusionSoft (or other CRM) as a contact record. It also adds a tag that shows what was in their cart, it’s a special tag created just for the abandonment process. What happens next is a timer is set and if the customer completes the checkout successfully, the tag is removed.

But let’s say you set the timer and tell it to wait for an hour. If the tag is still there an hour later that means the customer didn’t complete the checkout, something scared them off like shipping prices, etc. But now you know they had X products in their cart and you can send them a targeted email based on what they were about to purchase and ask them why they didn’t complete their checkout!

Jack also explains how WP Fusion works with membership sites and retail websites, what autologin links are and the benefits they offer, and how (and why) you can change the images you show your customers when they visit your site.

Watch for all of that and more on this edition of the WP Elevation podcast!

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