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We often have people ask us what to expect from the Blueprint course and what life is like after completing it. In our new podcast series, we are going to speak to Elevators who actually walk the walk and implemented what they learned from the Blueprint course. They will share the struggles, the ups and downs and how they have come through that to create their thriving business.

In this episode, Ray talks with Jennifer Dopazo of Candelita about her experience with the Blueprint course and how she has adapted it to work specifically for her business.

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Show Notes

A Bit About Jennifer Dopazo

Jennifer Dopazo is the Founder and Creative Director of Candelita, a branding and design studio that serves female business owners and influencers who want to take their companies to the next level.

Before Blueprint

Before implementing the Blueprint course, Jennifer worked mostly in isolation and was highly protective of her agency’s processes and services. Since joining, all that has changed.

These days, she works fewer hours (while getting more accomplished), has a healthier work-life balance, and has learned that it’s okay to say “I don’t know”.

Jennifer’s Take on the Community

As someone who previously (and mostly) worked in isolation, Jennifer has really come to appreciate the community she finds herself within now.

According to Jennifer, there is a lot of value that comes from the community – even if everyone who’s a part of it comes from a different background or works in a different niche. There’s so much overlap between the questions and experiences everyone has, that the conversations that take place among members have proven to be quite relevant and helpful for Jennifer.

As she explained, this sounding board allows the members of the WP Elevation community to be open and vulnerable with one another and to really get the most out of their respective business-building journeys. The more people are willing to say “I don’t know”, the more everyone has a chance to learn from one another; be it entering different niches, trying new processes, or getting past annoying obstacles.

After Blueprint

A lot has changed for Jennifer since her first run through Blueprint (you heard me right: she’s done this more than once). As she picks up new lessons and acquires new skills, she incrementally tweaks her business as well as her daily habits in order to make Candelita the best it can be.

Work-Life Balance

It’s taken a few years of experimenting with a daily routine, but Jennifer seems to have sorted out what the optimal structure is for her:

  • She goes to a co-work space every morning for three to four hours where she does “laptop work”; i.e. talking to clients, communicating with remote employees, etc.
  • She goes home midday for lunch and then hits the gym. This gives her brain a chance to reset before she moves into the next part of her day.
  • She returns home to tackle what she calls “desktop time”. This is when she does design work and other strategic tasks that require the use of a private work environment and desktop computer.

In so developing this routine, Jennifer has effectively divided her day up into the most productive times. This allows her to maximize her output while working less.

Adopting Processes

Previously, Jennifer struggled to get processes in place for her business. With the help of Blueprint, she’s been able to streamline the creation of these processes. By using the tools and templates available, she spends less time recreating the wheel and more time adapting them to fit her unique business approach.

Client Management

Another way in which Blueprint has had a big impact on her life is in client management.

Before Blueprint, Jennifer had a hard time saying “no” to prospective clients, even if she knew they weren’t a good fit.

But by learning how to qualify leads better, by using the processes and checklists provided in the Blueprint course, and by using the anti-follow-up approach, she more effectively signs new and high-quality clients to her agency.

Her Favourite Part of Blueprint

The tools and templates Jennifer has had access to through Blueprint have obviously made a huge impact on the way she runs her agency. However, it’s her ability to actually implement processes now that is her favourite part of Blueprint.

Part of this comes from the fact that Blueprint is a highly actionable course and the community surrounding it is one that encourages all members to make strides in their businesses.

Another part of this comes from Troy’s emphasis to stop looking for perfection.

It’s that “just hit Publish” mentality and Troy’s willingness to try new things on the fly that’s really inspired her to get stuff done in her own business. Rather than waste time waiting for the perfect moment, she’s now able to achieve much more as her business constantly remains in motion.


There’s nothing better than to see an Elevator leveraging the Blueprint course as well as the WP Elevation community to further her business. If you have any questions or comments on this episode of our podcast, let us know in the comments below.

P.S. We’ve created a 10% discount code for the listeners of the WPE podcast. Simply add the code GOELEVATE upon payment of the Blueprint course. The deal is valid until the 21st September 2018.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Jennifer Dopazo through the Candelita website.

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