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We often have people ask us what to expect from the Blueprint course and what life is like after completing it. In our new podcast series, we are going to speak to Elevators who actually walk the walk and implemented what they learned from the Blueprint course. They will share the struggles, the ups and downs and how they have come through that to create their thriving business.

In this episode, Troy chats to Joe Howard, founder of WP Buffs about his experience with the Blueprint course and why the community was the most important part of the process.

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Show Notes

About WP Buffs

Joe has a team of nine people doing everything from the tech work to content marketing across five time zones! He says it’s fun and challenging.

Troy and Joe start the conversation off by talking about remote teams and why it’s a game changer to meet up with your virtual staff.

They then move onto why Joe chose to join the Blueprint course six months ago.

The WP Elevation Community

Joe thinks that as he has grown WP Buffs that one of the hardest things has been finding the support of a community or network of people in the WordPress space. He wanted to find a tribe of like-minded people with drive and people who want to grow their business but this was really hard to find even though he goes to WordCamps and has a lot of contacts. When he found WP Elevation, the community was one of the best things that helped him to grow his business.

This is the first time that Troy has heard someone say that the community was the reason they joined the program. Troy finds it interesting that most people think that they’re joining for the training, the blueprints, processes or to tap into their experience. However, after a short period of time, they realise how valuable the community or network is. A community is a hard thing to market to people before they get the first-hand experience of it.

Sceptical of ROI

Joe was sceptical before he joined that the course would valuable and that he would see a return on investment. However, most of the time he finds that the less hard he is sold on something the better it ends up being. With WP Elevation, he felt he wasn’t given a hard sell and that’s why he was happy to join.

On this point, Troy says that a mentor once said to him “all you need to do is give them the information that they need to buy from you”. So Troy lays as much information to everyone as possible so that people can make an informed decision.

Troy points out that Joe isn’t a typical WPE customer because he owns a WP maintenance and support company and doesn’t actually build websites. Joe says that he joined because whether you’re a consultant, designer or marketer in the WordPress space, the skills sets are slightly different but the drive is all similar.

He had read that WP Elevation was the number one online community in the WordPress space and he knew there was a tonne he could learn. The course changed his mindset and helped him with running a small business and marketing techniques.

Joe says that the engagement from the community is unreal. When he logs into Facebook it’s pretty much just WPE stuff. He goes to the page and gets updates. He loves commenting and having great discussions about what’s new.

But Would Joe Recommend the Course?

Of course! He thinks that the return on investment that anyone gets is “pretty outrageous.” So just based on that, anyone that is serious about developing a WordPress career should join.

Joe says that he has multiple times made his money over in the 6 months that he has been a member. You get so many ideas on how to systemise your business. Templates, information, learning structure.

No matter what you’re looking for in terms of moving your business forward, then it’s going to require some investment.

Joe’s Current Challenges

Things are going well for WP Buffs in terms of growth and direction. But they also have their fair share of challenges. The number one challenge is working across five time zones and managing the team and building the culture. They are hiring a marketer at the moment to take some of the slack off Joe, but he is finding it hard to find the right person.

We had him on the podcast a few months ago and Troy mentions that he loves his outlook on business. Check it out here. 

Wrap Up

After the success of WP Buffs, Joe launched WPMRR, a robust video course that teaches WordPress professionals how to implement, sell and execute ongoing care plans for their clients and increase their revenue every single month. Alongside that, The WPMRR WordPress podcast entirely focused on growing successful WordPress businesses and monthly recurring revenue without taking itself too seriously.

Joe is certainly an inspiration! If you have any questions or comments on this show, please feel free to let us know in the section below.

He has also kindly offered a 10% discount for the listeners of WPE podcast. When you sign up to WP Buffs, add the discount code GOELEVATE. Thanks Joe!

P.S. We’ve created a 10% discount code for the listeners of the WPE podcast. Simply add the code GOELEVATE  upon payment of the Blueprint course. The deal is valid until the 21st September 2018.

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