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We often have people ask us what to expect from the Blueprint course and what life is like after completing it. In our new podcast series, we are going to speak to Elevators who actually walk the walk and implemented what they learned from the Blueprint course. They will share the struggles, the ups and downs and how they have come through that to create their thriving business.

In this episode, Ray chats to Kronda Adair, founder of Karvel Digital about her experience with the Blueprint course and how she moved from the WordPress development space to create her digital marketing business.

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Show Notes

A Bit About Kronda

Kronda is a WordPress Consultant turned digital marketer. In 2017 she decided to change her company focus to marketing and automation. She helps service based, non-technical businesses with their online marketing and gives them systems that assist them to grow their business in a way that is sustainable for them.

Life Before the Blueprint

Kronda just reached the 5-year mark with her business. She tells us about when she started out was making websites for just anyone because she needed the income. However, even back then she knew that she was going to fire the difficult clients as soon as she could afford to.

Early on in her business, Kronda would check in with the clients that she had made websites for and very often they had been hacked or they hadn’t done much with the site so it wasn’t actually helping their company at all.

Kronda started following WP Elevation about two years into her business. She couldn’t afford to join WP Elevation at the time so she made the most of the free content. Then six months later when she joined the Blueprint course she levelled up and has been levelling up ever since.

The WP Elevation Community

Once Kronda joined WPE she was eager to get the all of the information and put it into practice. It took a while to get through the course whilst running her own business but she really enjoyed the content and would look forward to her Friday nights in with the course.

Kronda found the community support to be amazing. She says that it is a group of so-called “competitors” who really just help each other to succeed with an abundance mindset. Questions, rants, whatever! There is always someone there for you.

Kronda tells us that she has made a lot of mistakes in building her business. So when she gets to a point when she feels in over her head, she asks the group for help. There have always been people who have helped her out in those time and people with similar stories.

At the 9.35 minute mark, Kronda shares her experience of taking the Blueprint course and gives some good advice to people who are thinking of taking the course or about to start it.

Life After the Course

She fired most of her clients in December last year and told them that her business was moving in a different direction and offered her new services to them. One of the main things she took away from the course, was the importance of recurring revenue so she set up cares plans and changed the business focus to marketing automation.

The course allowed Kronda to shift her mindset from having to chase after new clients to making herself the prize. She started to filter clients out by having requirements that they needed to meet. When you’re new in business, you just have to get people to pay you money. So she started asking herself “What am I good at?” “What do I enjoy working on?”. She now makes people fit her criteria before letting them into her business. She says that when you’re in the service industry you are really partnering with the client which means the relationship matters a lot. So now not everyone makes it in and she is very selective about that.

One of the things that used to frustrate her when she was starting out in the first 2 years of her business was non-technical clients. They would come to her and ask for her help and they wouldn’t even know who their host was. So that was the catalyst for her to create a course based on the WP Elevation structure of recorded lessons and coaching calls.

Kronda couldn’t afford to work for her clients anymore based on their budgets so she wanted a way she could still make money but give people a path to level up to where they need to be. By creating the courses she could scale and reach more people.

As her business took off, she had many people come to her for business advice. And because she loves automation, she automated her answer with this blog post about WP Elevation. We love it!

Favourite Tool

Kronda says her favourite tool is Astra which is a lite weight theme framework. The Astra sties plugin gives you access to starter websites too which makes building websites a piece of cake!

Her advice? The course is amazing but you need to implement it!

Wrap Up

We are super proud of what Kronda has achieved. If you have any questions or comments on this show, please feel free to let us know in the section below.

P.S. We’ve created a 10% discount code for the listeners of the WPE podcast. Simply add the code GOELEVATE upon payment of the Blueprint course. The deal is valid until the 21st September 2018.

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