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We often have people ask us what to expect from the Blueprint course and what life is like after completing it. In our new podcast series, we are going to speak to Elevators who actually walk the walk and implemented what they learned from the Blueprint course. They will share the struggles, the ups and downs and how they have come through that to create their thriving business.

In this episode, Ray chats with Shane Syddall, the owner and manager of Sparta Digital, about his experience with the Blueprint course and how it enabled him to quadruple his business in just two months’ time.

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Show Notes

A Brief Introduction to Shane Syddall

Shane Syddall unofficially entered the digital marketing space nine years ago when he began designing websites for clients. The number of clients who asked for help outside of web design was increasing, so he pivoted his business three years ago to focus on digital marketing services such as SEO.

He currently owns and operates Sparta Digital which brings digital marketing and web design services to small businesses looking to compete with enterprises.

Before the Blueprint Course

As Shane explains in the podcast, he began his career in coding. That’s what he excelled at and so the business management piece was something he struggled with before the Blueprint. It was so hard for him, in fact, that he had to take money from his family in order to put food on the table.

There were a number of reasons why Shane struggled in the beginning:

  1. He didn’t charge enough for his services.
  2. He wasn’t putting together good proposals.
  3. He was attracting low-paying and low-quality clients and accepting any and everyone.

As he felt himself on the brink of giving up until someone suggested he look into WP Elevation and the Blueprint course. He had seen ads for it, but hadn’t given it any serious consideration previously. He assumed it would be too expensive and only make things worse, but he was desperate. So, he decided to give it a shot and, if it didn’t work, he’d throw in the towel completely.

“How wrong was I?!” he said.

How the Blueprint Has Changed Everything

Although Shane has yet to fully complete the Blueprint course, his business has exploded (in a good way) over a very short period of time.

In just two months with the Blueprint, Shane quadrupled his business and he’s been able to maintain those levels of success for the last three months.

How has he done this so quickly? Well, he attributes it to a number of things.

To start, there’s the website worksheet (which you can download here). This enabled him to weed out the cheap clients he used to attract.

Then, he learned how to create professional proposals (you can download a proposal template here). This gave his business a refined edge and more readily convinced high-quality clients that he was a legit marketer and web designer.

He’s also since learned that it’s okay to say “no” to clients that don’t fit.

All of this success and influx of cash, has now enabled him to delegate much of the work he was doing on his own before to three new hires: a web developer, a marketing student, and a writer. And the WP Elevation course has encouraged him to push himself even harder, so he now works with a business coach.

And Speaking of Coaches…

Since Shane has been too busy running a very busy and successful company since implementing the Blueprint, he hasn’t had time yet to try any of the tools available through the course. That said, he finds that the quality of coaching and community support have been more than valuable in that respect.

In addition to attending webinars led by our highly knowledgeable coaches, he also finds the feedback and support he gets from the community to be a huge help in his business’s growth.

Lessons Learned

When asked what words of wisdom he’d give someone mulling the decision to join WP Elevation, Shane said, “Just do it.”


Shane’s advice may seem simple enough, but the story he has shared with us is not. Look at where he was just a few years ago to what he’s been able to accomplish in just a few month’s time. As he quickly discovered, finding the right mentor to help guide you in smarter directions can make a world of difference for your business.

We look forward to staying in touch with Shane and to see where his next implementations of the Blueprint take him.

P.S. We’ve created a 10% discount code for the listeners of the WPE podcast. Simply add the code GOELEVATE upon payment of the Blueprint course. The deal is valid until the 21st September 2018.

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