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We are changing things up on the WP Elevation podcast. Rather than just one host, you’ll be hearing from four of our coaches as they interview the best and brightest in today’s WordPress community!

And on today’s edition of the show you get to meet these four hosts. You’ll hear from Gin McInneny, our digital producer and community manager at WP Elevation, and Mike Killen of Devon Digital Design. You’ll also meet Cath Hughes who runs a web design agency and Kristina Romero of KR Media Designs.

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Show Notes

On the show today the five of us talk about what you can expect on the upcoming episodes of WP Elevation. In handing over the reigns, I’m humbled and chuffed to have these four extraordinary coaches step in and become regular hosts. And I’m also freaked out to let go! But after two years of weekly shows, I needed to refresh and reinvigorate what we were doing and where we were going with the WP Elevation podcast.

My first question to these four was about what is most exciting for them in becoming hosts. Kristina is delighted for the opportunity to talk with the great minds in this space, and she thinks it’s cool to connect with these guests in a more personal way, after knowing them through social media.

For example, she has recorded an interview with Dre Armeda of Sucuri. They both have daughters – he has four and Kristina has one – who all have a common obsession with the movie Frozen! She said it was fun to connect on that level, and then launch into a discussion about website security.

Mike is thrilled that so many of the people he gets to interview this year have been people whose blogs he has been reading, and people he admires. He finds it mind-blowing that he gets to talk to these people!

Gin also weighs in from a different perspective. She knows many of the guests and has organised getting these people on the show for the last three years. But because she was new to the WordPress space she didn’t fully grasp the calibre of the guests. But she does today, and she’s looking forward to good interviews on her own, like Andy GoDaddy’s community manager! She’s also excited to bring her business perspective to the show and share practical advice with the audience.

Cath jokingly says she is really excited to hang with the cool kids! She has grown a lot since the beginning as a member of WP Elevation and then later a coach. She admits to feeling a little intimidated, but she has been doing a lot of research and listening to the best podcasts, so she knows what it sounds like to be a pro! She knows it’s going to be a lot of fun to interview guests and share them with the audience.

My next question for the group was about the areas they are particularly interested in talking about on the podcast.

Kristina is interested to know what people are doing when it relates to dealing with clients or creating WordPress space products. She likes to connect with people and dig in to how the guest’s background and journey apply to the WP Elevations listeners.

Mike finds the humble beginnings and personal stories of successful people fascinating, and so he’s excited to dive into that. He also can’t wait to hear about guests’ journeys and how the “blueprints” they uncovered can benefit the listeners of this show.

Cath is keen to ask her guests what the audience may be overlooking and missing in terms of products and services. She is also really interested in what our audience needs to know about our micro audiences and micro-client bases, plus community management, positioning and learning from like-minded colleagues.

What Gin is most looking forward to talking about is managing remote teams, and building those teams. She’s also excited to bring live streaming and video techniques to remove the intimidation and fear many have around the topic.

Also on this episode you’ll hear stretch goals these four have for who they want to interview as well as what kind of takeaways to expect from each show. You’ll hear from each of our four hosts on those topics, plus more on this edition of WP Elevation podcast!

Got ideas or recommendations on who you’d love to see as a guest on WP Elevation? Send us your suggestions by leaving a comment here, on our Facebook page or Tweet us.

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